Military & Veterans

Recognizing the tremendous sacrifices military members, veterans and their families have made for our nation.

传奇国际娱乐传奇国际娱乐登录 传奇国际娱乐传奇国际娱乐登录 is committed to honoring those who have served and supporting their long-term success.

To further our efforts, in 2011 we co-founded the Veteran Jobs Mission, a coalition of more than 200 companies dedicated to employing U.S. military veterans. Collectively, members of the Mission are committed to hiring a total of one million veterans - and are also working to increase its focus on the engagement and career development of veterans in the private sector. Since the Mission began, we have hired more than 16,000 veterans.

Through our programs and initiatives, we aim to position military members, veterans and their families to thrive in their post-service lives.


传奇国际娱乐传奇国际娱乐登录 传奇国际娱乐传奇国际娱乐登录 thanks veterans, service members and military families
for their heroism and sacrifice.


Hired by more than 200 companies in the Veterans Jobs Mission


Mortgage-free homes donated to military families through the firm's Military Home Awards Program


Participants enrolled in Onward to Opportunity, a free career training program of the Institute for Veteran and Military Families


传奇国际娱乐传奇国际娱乐登录 传奇国际娱乐传奇国际娱乐登录 employees hired since 2011



Over 200 companies committed to collectively hiring a million veterans.

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