Making the economy work for more people is a key focus for 传奇国际娱乐传奇国际娱乐登录 传奇国际娱乐传奇国际娱乐登录. As part of that mission we launched Advancing Black 传奇国际娱乐登录—an initiative that builds on our existing efforts to help the black community chart stronger paths towards economic success and empowerment.


Advancing Black 传奇国际娱乐登录

Expanding Economic Opportunity For Black People

We are uniquely positioned to marshal our resources to help address some of the persistent challenges facing the black community. Everyone deserves the opportunity to participate in economic growth. That’s why we are providing more support for the black community in their pursuit of educational, career, business and personal financial success




Advancing Black 传奇国际娱乐登录 combines 传奇国际娱乐传奇国际娱乐登录 传奇国际娱乐传奇国际娱乐登录’s business and philanthropic resources to focus on three pathways to accelerate economic empowerment and opportunity for the black community.

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Through Advancing Black 传奇国际娱乐登录, 传奇国际娱乐传奇国际娱乐登录 传奇国际娱乐传奇国际娱乐登录 is expanding upon the work we’ve been doing for decades to help black communities seize economic opportunity.

Contact us if you’d like to learn more about our efforts or get involved.



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