We are combining our business and policy expertise, sustainable business practices, data, capital and global presence to advance solutions that create inclusive economic growth. 

Our Mission

We know that when communities do well, our company does well. At 传奇国际娱乐传奇国际娱乐登录 传奇国际娱乐传奇国际娱乐登录, we are investing in our customers, employees and communities around the world to break down barriers to opportunity and create an economy that works for more people.

Jamie Dimon


"Long-term business success depends on community success. When everyone has a fair shot at participating in the rewards of growth, the economy will be stronger and society more cohesive."


Jamie Dimon, Chairman and CEO, 传奇国际娱乐传奇国际娱乐登录 传奇国际娱乐传奇国际娱乐登录 & 传奇国际娱乐登录

Our 传奇国际娱乐传奇国际娱乐登录

Our 传奇国际娱乐传奇国际娱乐登录

We are investing in people and places to tackle barriers to opportunity and create the conditions for lasting change.



Combining our business and philanthropic expertise to cultivate thriving communities.


Investing in our customers, employees and the people in our communities.


Creating solutions that protect the environment and grow the economy.



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